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Why Choose a Hearing Instrument Specialist

two professional hearing instrument specialists

If you have come to the realization that you have hearing loss and are ready to book in for a hearing test, you have taken the all-important first step to addressing it. Finding a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) can help you to understand how this condition is affecting your life, but also provide essential guidance towards the right hearing aid, financial assistance and that crucial emotional support we can all benefit from. When it comes to choosing the right specialist to help you get to the bottom of this, how can you do it and why should you choose one?

Choosing the right individual

When choosing the right hearing instrument specialist, there are a wide variety of factors to consider. Firstly, you need to think about your own thoughts on the subject. When getting your hearing tested, it can be a whole new avenue which can prove intimidating, especially if you don't know what is going to happen. When you choose the right individual, they will be able to explain everything to you in a manner that is easy to understand. 

You should choose the right specialist that meets your needs as a patient and a person. When you pick someone that works in the field of hearing instruments, finding out they have up-to-date and extensive knowledge, not just of the testing but the hearing aid types, can also guide you towards the right hearing aid for your lifestyle, budget and communicate those hearing test results in a manner you will understand.

They will provide a professional, comprehensive service

Going for a hearing test for the first time is almost like venturing into the unknown. When you go for an evaluation, you need to make sure you are being tested for everything. They will go through your medical history to determine if there are any external factors that are impacting your hearing, such as medical conditions. It's important when you go for a consultation with a specialist that they are as comprehensive as possible. When you are going for a hearing test this is the first thing they should do. 

After that, they will give you the relevant testing, such as pure-tone testing, tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing. The most important thing is that they measure the balance and level of your hearing loss in a professional manner and guide you through the process so you can feel at ease. When the hearing test is complete, they will go through the results with you so you can understand if there is a significant level of hearing loss.

They will help you with every aspect of your hearing aid

From helping you purchase the right device to suit your lifestyle and budget all the way through to the ongoing support and advice, they will help you with every aspect of your hearing aid. A specialist like this is focused entirely on the customer. They want you to be happy, and ultimately, their business will depend on this, so it is in their interest to make you happy. 

The best specialists won't just send you on your way after you've had your tests and spent your money, they will provide the ongoing support so you can adapt to your hearing aid, physically and emotionally. A hearing aid isn't like getting a pair of glasses; it is something that is going to change your life in so many ways. Therefore, the right specialist will give you support, but also point you in the right direction of groups or organizations to help you adjust to your hearing loss. 

The right specialist will also give you emotional support. This is something new in your life and you may not know how to go about it, the right individual will guide you, so you don’t feel out of your depth. Losing your hearing or discovering your hearing isn’t as good as it could may be overwhelming. What's more, the financial difficulties associated with hearing aids can prove troublesome for certain individuals. A specialist can guide you towards the relevant financial support.

When it comes to choosing a specialist, you have got to go with someone who has the knowledge to help you choose the right hearing aid and adjust to this new part of your life. It's not something that we should feel alone in, so we need the right specialist to help us through every step of the process. If you want to book in for a hearing test or ask for some advice you can contact us at Affordable Hearing at Irmo 803-749-6017, or Orangeburg and Santee 803-531-6403.