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Mobile Phones Compatible with Hearing Aids

an image of a hearing aid being held in a hand

Being able to communicate effectively is essential in the busy modern world. For those experiencing hearing loss, though, the most convenient forms of communication available to people are often off the table.

Talking to people face-to-face isn’t too difficult, as you can lip read and read body language to determine what others are saying. Without having the chance to look at someone’s face, having a conversation over the phone can be much harder, and this is only compounded when you combine a phone with a hearing aid.

How can you measure hearing aid compatibility (HAC) with your smartphone?

Depending on the mobile device you’re considering, it may use one of two rating systems. The first, is the “M” rating, which utilizes technology known as acoustic coupling. This means that you can make and answer calls like you normally would and the sound from your phone will be delivered to your hearing aid microphone.

Phones rated on an M scale are typically ideal for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, because it may also pick up some background noise, making it difficult to decipher voices if you have more severe hearing loss. The M rating can range from one to four, with four being the most compatible. Typically, as long as the cellphone has an M3 or M4 rating, you will be able to easily use it with your hearing aids. The higher the M rating, the fewer instances of feedback or background noise you will experience.

For individuals that have more profound hearing loss, it’s ideal to consider what “T” rating your phone has. “T” stands for telecoil, which is a feature that allows sound to be directed straight to the hearing aid processor, completely bypassing the microphone. Telecoil typically provides distraction-free conversations, you won’t have to fight with feedback or heavy background noise. The T scale is measured ranging one through four as well, with four being the most compatible option. Most smartphones are rated T4, which means whether your hearing aid automatically switches into telecoil mode or needs to be manually changed, you will have crystal-clear conversation.

What can you do with your mobile phone and hearing aids?

Being able to connect your hearing aids to your mobile device offers you more control than ever – and more than just clearer phone calls. With your phone connected to your hearing aids, you can make adjustments and alter settings. Check with your hearing instrument specialist to see what else your devices can do when compatible, which may include:

  • Stream phone conversations through your hearing aids
  • Connect to audio sources, whether you want to listen to music or directions, to your hearing aids
  • Make changes to the volume of your devices
  • Locate lost hearing aids
  • View the battery life of your hearing aids
  • Control assistive listening devices that are paired with your hearing aids
  • Change the settings of different listening environments

Bluetooth Hearing Aids: With Bluetooth hearing aids, you can ensure your devices are compatible with practically any mobile phone. Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to a range of devices, playing the audio coming from the device. You still won’t be able to hold the phone up to your ear, but you will be able to have a conversation through your hearing aid without having to use speaker phone.

There are a lot of tools at a hearing instrument specialist’s disposal. Whether you want to have a cutting-edge smartphone or would rather keep the one you have, you can almost always find a solution which will enable you to communicate freely with the people you care about. Of course, though, it’s worth doing some research or seeking advice before you choose the device you’re going to use.

Affordable Hearing can help you to choose a hearing aid which will work with your mobile phone or a phone which will work with your hearing aid. Each case of hearing loss is different, and our dedicated team of hearing instrument specialists works hard to ensure that everyone gets the right treatment for their ears, even in extreme cases of hearing loss.

You can call us at 803-749-6017 if you’re in Irmo, or 803-531-6403 if you’re in Orangeburg and Santee. We’re happy to talk about your hearing needs and offer advice, and you’ll always find a friendly voice at the end of the line. If you find it hard to use the phone, feel free to contact us using the convenient contact form on our website.