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How to Convince a Family Member to Wear a Hearing Aid?

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It’s generally pretty straightforward to realize that you have eyesight problems, but hearing issues? That’s a different matter. Because loss of hearing typically occurs gradually, the person experiencing the symptoms can sometimes fail to notice that it’s happening – or the severity of the condition. Even when it does become clear, it’s normal that there are some reservations towards getting a hearing aid. 

But if you know how much having a hearing aid will help your loved one, then it’s worthwhile making the effort to convince them. In this article, we’re going to look at some effective strategies that’ll do just that. 

Research the benefits

It’s always good to go into anything from a point of understanding. If your loved one is one of those people that recoils at the thought of a hearing aid for aesthetic reasons, then point out the advancements made in the technology over the years. The bulkier technology of the past is out and has made way to sleeker, more discreet and more advanced hearing devices. They no longer have to work about outdated technology that stands out, now these devices are made so small they can fit into your ear canal, rendering them practically invisible. 

Gentle nudging

Consider bringing up hearing aids and hearing testing in a more casual way. You should gently introduce the idea into the conversation, and then revisit the topic when it seems appropriate – for instance, if you’re in a situation where they're struggling to hear, then that would be an appropriate time to bring the subject up again. This will also be an opportunity to explain the impact that getting a hearing aid will have on their life and the lives of the people around them. Hearing aids can help your loved one reconnect with the world around them again, making their social engagements more meaningful. 

Explain the range of options

There isn’t just one type of hearing aid; there are several. Explaining that there are different types may convince them that hearing aids are the way to go. There are ones that sit in the ear, behind the ear and in the canal; and it’s usually possible to select from all the different options to find the right one.

Go with them

It’s possible that your family member does want to get a hearing aid, but that they’re a little bit frightened of the experience. While there isn’t anything to be worried about, telling someone that won’t be all that useful. So why not offer to go with them when they visit the hearing instrument specialist? They could feel much more relaxed if they have a friendly face with them. Who knows ... they might even enjoy it!

Famous ears

One issue that some people run into when it comes to hearing aids is that they’re concerned about the image that it presents. If your family member is in that camp, then look at dropping some names. There are plenty of famous faces who wear hearing aids. Eric Clapton, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Clinton, Jodie Foster, Robert Redford ... the list goes on and on. While it might not be enough to convince your loved one to get a hearing aid on its own, knowing that they'll be in such illustrious company could be enough to at least see what’s on offer.


Finally, be sure to make sure that they don’t feel under too much pressure. Though it might seem obvious to you how a hearing aid will help your loved one, remember that everyone has to come to their own conclusions. You can show them the path, but they have to reach the destination on their own. If you come in too heavy-handed and move too quickly, then you’ll be giving them a valid reason to back out. Instead, why not take a casual, “give it a try” approach? If they can try the hearing aid for a few weeks with the understanding that they can give it up if they don’t like, then they’ll feel much more relaxed about the whole thing!

If you’d like to know about hearing aids, or if your family member is ready to commit to getting one fitted, then be sure to get in touch with us here at Affordable Hearing. We offer a range of different hearing solutions, so that you or your loved one can find the perfect option. You can contact us at 803-749-6017 (Irmo) or 803-531-6403 (Orangeburg and Santee).