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Can Hearing Loss be Restored?

a hearing professional showing her client some hearing aids

It can be all too easy to take a sense like hearing for granted. You use your ears all the time in everyday life, though most people will only put real thought into this part of their body when there is something wrong with it.

No one is immune to hearing loss, with most people finding that their ears steadily lose their effectiveness throughout their life. Listening to loud music, being exposed to high pressure, and even simply using your ears will cause damage to them, and there are plenty of other factors which can impact your hearing.

But can hearing loss be restored? Let’s find out.

Restoring hearing loss

For those experiencing hearing loss, the opportunity to improve the state of this sense will feel like salvation. A hearing instrument specialist has a number of tools up their sleeves to achieve a goal like this. While many are temporary options, they can still provide you with the relief you need when you have hearing loss.

  • Earwax Removal: The wax inside your ears performs an essential role for your body. Protecting your ears from water, bacteria, fungus, and other foreign bodies, along with providing lubrication and cleaning benefits, you need this substance to keep your ears healthy. Some people produce a lot more earwax than others, though, and this can easily lead to build-up which will block your ear canal and make it harder for you to hear things. By having this wax removed, you can restore your hearing, but this change won’t last forever.
  • Treating ear infections: Ear infections can be very painful to live with, though a lot of people ignore this sort of condition despite the hearing loss it can cause. Treating an ear infection with antibiotics can improve the effects of hearing loss, though this will only be a temporary fix, as you could find yourself with another infection down the line.
  • Surgical procedures: The body’s natural processes can often be the cause of things like hearing loss. Surgery can be used to drain fluid, remove or reshape bones, and control abnormalities within the ear, making it easier for you to hear things. This can have both permanent and temporary results, and this will depend on the type of surgery you have and the problem it is designed to solve.

When hearing can’t be restored?

Your ears are extremely delicate, and the damage which they receive will often be permanent. The technology simply doesn’t exist to reset the small hairs inside your ear canal which help to pick up the sounds you hear, and this means that a lot of people have to live with hearing loss for a large portion of their lives.

Fortunately, a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) can also support you with long-term hearing loss. Hearing aids have been around for quite a long time, but have come a long way over the years, with modern examples providing those with hearing loss with the opportunity to regain much of their lost sense.

Your hearing loss specialist will go through a set procedure to set you up with the right hearing aid, but this process isn’t an unpleasant one.

  • Assessment: With the array of different kinds of hearing aids available on the market, your hearing instrument specialist will need to look at your ears before they give you anything to help with them. They will perform a series of non-intrusive tests, enabling them to determine the type of hearing aid you need.
  • Fitting: Next, it will be time to fit the hearing aid. This ensures that the hearing aid will be comfortable and form a good seal inside the ear, making it more effective and helping the wearer to forget that it is there.
  • Maintenance/repair: Once your hearing aid is delivered, your HIS will work to maintain and repair it for you, keeping it working for as long as possible. You may need a replacement in the future, but most hearing aids will last for a very long time.

Going through this process is well worth it if you are experiencing hearing loss and don’t have a medical solution. With hearing be so crucial to modern life, it makes sense to work to ensure that you can always use this sense.

Here at Affordable Hearing, we’re proud to offer excellent value and sterling service to our hearing loss patients. You can get in touch and learn more about our hearing aid options at 803-749-6017 for those based in Irmo, and 803-531-6403 if you’re in Orangeburg and Santee.