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At-Home Care Tips for Hearing Aids

a hearing aid being professionally repaired under a magnifying glass

Hearing aids are a wonderful and helpful tool. However, they have a risk of malfunctioning if not given proper care. The good news is that with just a few tips and good habits, it’s easy to keep your hearing aids in perfect shape so that they continue working well for years!

General Maintenance

Cleaning your hearing aids at least once a week is the most important thing you can do to keep them working well. Wash your hands and disinfect your workspace before you begin. Examine the aids for unwanted particles and wipe with a clean, soft cloth.

Often, your hearing instrument specialist (HIS) will give you a small brush or pick to fully clean your hearing aids. Use these tools next. Don’t disassemble your hearing aids or force small tools into any openings. This will cause damage! Once you’re finished, make sure to clean your tools of all particles and store them in a safe place.

When Not to Wear

In order to keep your hearing aids working their best, avoid wearing them in situations where they will be exposed to extreme changes in temperature or moisture. For example, be cautious about wearing your hearing aids in snowstorms or long days at the beach.

Don’t wear your hearing aids when you’re swimming or in the shower. Be careful when using hair products, such as hairspray or a hair dryer. These tips will minimize the damage done to your hearing aids and them working their best for longer!


One of the easiest ways to keep your hearing aids working perfectly is by storing them in a cool, dry place away from children and pets when you aren’t wearing them. This ensures that they won't get damaged or destroyed from humidity or heat. Additionally, it is recommended that you store your hearing aids in the case they come with.

Keep your case wherever you find yourself taking off your hearing aids the most so that remembering to store them properly is easy and convenient. Also, don’t forget to turn them off before storing them.


Another easy way to keep your hearing aids in good shape is to schedule check-ups with your HIS. They will look over your hearing aids to make sure nothing needs to be maintenance or replaced and professionally clean them. This isn’t a substitute for cleaning your hearing aids yourself, of course. But it is a great way to catch small issues with your hearing aids before they become problems and make sure they are properly cleaned!

Develop Good Habits

These tips might seem overwhelming, especially when taken into consideration all at once. However, they do not need to take up significant portions of your day. Make sure your hearing aids are clean each morning before use and store them properly at night or whenever you are doing an activity that could harm your hearing aids. In addition to this, set aside one morning of the week to deep clean your hearing aids. Hearing aids are often an investment, and it’s worth taking the best care of them to help them last as long as possible. They will inevitably need professional attention for small fixes or replacements, but with these good habits and tips, you can delay any maintenance and keep your hearing aids working their best!

The Best Style for You

Keeping your hearing aids working their best begins even before you leave your HIS’s office. If you buy the proper style of hearing aid, you will ensure a perfect fit and optimal results. There are several different styles of hearing aids: in-the-ear hearing aids often have more controls, such as buttons for volume.

However, it’s easier to see than a behind-the-ear or an in-the-canal hearing aid. As you can see, there are many options for hearing aids. To pick the right style for you, consider your lifestyle and what exactly you expect from your hearing aids. Then, speak with your HIS and find the best fit for you!

Don’t be afraid to ask your HIS questions about the best style of hearing aid for you, how to best take care of your hearing aids and what to do if your hearing aids ever begin to break. A hearing aid is a wonderful tool, and if you take care of your hearing aids from the beginning, they will continue working their best for years!

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