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Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries have the responsibility of powering incredibly complex devices. Lifespan varies by battery type and device, as features continually drain more power each day. Software and hardware enhancements prolong the life of batteries, with the option to turn off features that are not commonly used. Users should always have a backup battery ready for hearing aid devices that aren’t rechargeable. At Affordable Hearing, our hearing instrument specialists will help you understand how to properly power your device and your options when purchasing hearing aid batteries.  

Battery types

Hearing aids can only use the battery they are designed for. All batteries swapped in should be brand new from the package to avoid any issues. Since the majority of disposable batteries for hearing aids will be zinc-air, they are air activated and can’t be deactivated once opened. Swapping previously used zinc-air batteries into a current hearing aid means it won’t operate at full capacity. Here are the most common battery types for traditional and modern hearing aids

  • 675 Blue
  • 13 Orange
  • 312 Brown
  • 10 Yellow

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries take all of the guesswork out of dealing with hearing aid power issues. The batteries don’t need to be replaced and can be charged multiple times without losing its top capacity. Rechargeable hearing aids have safeguards built in to prevent overcharging. It is safe to leave them in a charging station overnight without fear of damaging the battery or hearing aid. 

What is the best value?

Rechargeable hearing aids are a convenient feature for people who don’t like frequently changing batteries. But it can also be a better value since new batteries don’t have to be purchased. The slight upfront cost of a rechargeable hearing aid and its charging station pays for itself the first time it gets used. All of this is still tied to the type, style and features a patient wants from their hearing aids. Rechargeable options may not be available from specific manufacturers. When available, rechargeable hearing aids are a nice convenience upgrade for any user.