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Hearing Care Services

Affordable Hearing provides services for all types of hearing conditions. This includes hearing tests, hardware recommendations, cerumen removal and evaluations. Options for treatment will vary by individual, with past and current health information being an important factor. Because our hearing instrument specialists understand how important your hearing is to your quality of life, we offer several services related to your auditory health, including the following:

Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Customized variants of earmolds and earplugs are necessary for the best efficiency. Blocking out harmful sounds is much easier with customized devices. They are made to fit the wearer’s ears perfectly and don’t rely on a one size fits all methodology. Custom fittings are mandatory for modern hearing aid features. 

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Hearing Evaluations

The results of the evaluation will determine hearing loss in both ears, the root cause of hearing loss and the best treatment plan moving forward.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

During the hearing aid evaluation, professionals will go through past and present medical records. The level of hearing loss in both ears will be the determining factor in the type, brand and size of the hearing device. The final choice will be up to the patient, but the overall specifications of the available hearing devices will match the prescription needed for daily usage. 

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

After the evaluation for hearing aids, the chosen device is programmed for personal use. With the help of a custom earmold, the new hearing aids are tailor-made for a patient. Live speech mapping is used to finalize the fitting, where a lot of important information is exchanged from both sides. Bringing along a friend or family member is recommended to help absorb the new experience.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids come with varying warranties to ensure their continual operation. Minor repairs can be handled onsite at a local clinic, but serious issues require the help of the manufacturer. Normal maintenance can prevent serious hearing aid problems from occurring. Warranty coverage is discussed before, during and after the hearing aid dispensing and fitting. 

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