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Hearing Aid Maintenance & Repair

Wear and tear are expected on any electronic device. Hearing aids are resistant to a lot of common damage, but even with good upkeep, they are still vulnerable to damage. The good news is that the hearing instrument specialists at Affordable Hearing are experts when it comes to device repairs. We will walk you through the issues we discover and discuss any possible warranty coverage and additional information once we determine how to best repair your device. 

Signs of possible issues

There are several warning signs that hearing aids might need to be repaired. Some of them are clear to see, while others are subtle. Catching the smaller clues can prevent the damage from becoming extensive. Here are some of the warning signs of a hearing aid needing care. 

  • Muffled sounds
  • Rapid battery drainage
  • Distorted sounds
  • Signal interference
  • Won’t turn on
  • Regular maintenance

Cleaning and checking hearing aids will prevent the most common problems patients experience. Earwax clogging the hearing aids leads to several issues with sounds. Battery problems can be resolved by buying from a reputable dealer or going with a rechargeable hearing aid. That doesn’t mean users shouldn’t bring in their device when any of the above problems occur. Anything that is out of an owner’s comfort zone should be handled by seasoned professionals. Cleaning hearing devices the wrong way will cause further damage and possibly void the warranty. If it looks complicated, then it is out of the realm of regular owner maintenance. 

Onsite repair

Onsite repair handles minor damage repairs in addition to regular maintenance. This is a good choice for hearing aid users that are not comfortable dealing with the technical side of owning a hearing device. Depending on the damage, onsite repairs can be finished within the same visit. While waiting on the repair, patients can check out current and upcoming features from their favorite hearing aid brands in the industry. 

Warranty repair

When the damage is extensive and requires sending off the hearing aid, a warranty repair is required. Hearing aids purchased from Affordable Hearing are covered under a warranty. It is important that patients understand what the warranty covers and have a copy of recent paperwork. There will be valuable information, including details of temporary hearing aid device usage while the current ones are being repaired. For longer coverage, extended warranty options are available for qualified patients.